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Fundus Link 

It is an ophthalmoscope to be mounted over the smartphone camera, intended for examiner to examine the back of the subject’s eyes non-contact and without pupil dilation. Digital images of the back of the eye, showing the retina, optic disc, and blood vessels allow examiners, ophthalmologists, health care professional or trained personnel to evaluate the health of subject’s eye. Images could be stored in cloud platform instantly to facilitate data organization and reduce the risk of data loss.


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Our Background

C-MER RainsOptics is a Hong Kong based medical device company focusing on developing solution in assisting eye specialists and general practitioners on disease diagnosis by retina examination. Founded by a team of medical specialists, eye specialists, software and mechanical engineers in 2017, the company is developing a novel medical-optical instrument with pocket smartphone ophthalmoscope, known as Fundus link™.



The founders of C-MER RainsOptics envision that the smartphone ophthalmoscope will revolutionize the retinal examination-based diagnosis and screening of diseases by providing simple, portable, affordable solutions without compromising image quality and diagnostic value.


C-MER RainsOptics is accredited to ISO 13485:2016 quality management systems in 2020.


Join Our Team

"We are finding the elites in innovative technology. If you are interested in medical  innovation, Come and join our team to explorer the application of technology in medical aspect."


C-MER RainsOptics Limited


Rm607, 6/F, 17W

HKSTP, Shatin, N.T.

Tel: (+852) 35905755

Fax:(+852) 35905318

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