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Fundus Link

High Quality Images of the retina

•30° Field of View

•Fundus imaging without pupil dilatation

•Portable as handheld and light weight

•Long battery operating

•Work with iPhone 12 for imaging purpose

•Bluetooth wireless shutter control

•Cloud Connectivity

Pocket Smartphone Ophthalmoscope  
for Eye Care Professionals

Your best companion everywhere


Simple, Easy

Minimal training needed

Suited for all healthcare workers

Enhanced quality, Long battery operating, Cloud Connectivity,
Pocket Smartphone Ophthalmoscope

Retina for everyone everywhere


Eye Clinic/Nursing Home
Large scale retinal imaging
Can work in upright and supine position
Learn more

Rural Medicine

The indispensable tool

for eye care projects

in rural areas

Retinal Finding for Critical Cases

Premature babies

Systemic infection

Cardiovascular diseases

Optic disc swelling due to brain pathology

self monitoring.jpg

Self Monitoring Possible

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